Working more efficiently with customers and suppliers

Working together more intelligently with SharePoint

Sharepoint provides your staff, customers and suppliers access to data and processes. They are able to access and share real-time information anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day. This application adds substantial value to Produce merchants, for example, who want to work more efficiently with their growers.

Supply-driven companies can offer their vendors the opportunity to file independent procurement orders, review the status of goods on offer, check whether commodity bills have been settled and receive feedback on the quality of those commodities. Suppliers can process changes themselves, so long as the order is still outstanding. In addition, suppliers can request a historical overview of orders and account statements, and these can then be printed or archived.

Make it your customers easy with a webshop

The last years the number of webshops increased explosively, 80% of the B2B buying starts these days with an online search. More and more B2B buyers also want to actually make their purchases through a webshop. E-commerce is becoming increasingly important to meet the needs of the B2B purchaser.

E-commerce solution for companies in the food sector

We noticed that our customers are increasingly searching for solutions to make their product range available online. We have elected to work together with Sana Commerce to be able to handle this increasing demand. Jointly, we offer an excellent e-commerce solution for companies in the food sector.

Shaping your on-line strategy

Sana delivers fully-integrated B2B and B2C e-commerce solutions for Microsoft Dynamics that help wholesalers, distributors and production companies to transform their business and their online growth. At the same time, Sana Commerce offers a range of content and marketing options to further shape your online strategy.  With more than 1,000 webshop projects carried out and a world-wide partner network, Sana is able to maximise your e-commerce success through online marketing, providing access to search engine optimisation (SEO), convenient hosting, attractive and tailor-made designs and online payment providers.

Comply with the retail sector's EDI requirements

As a retail supplier, you have probably come across the requirement to receive and send messages through EDI. This communication must take place according to the GS1 definition of EDI standard messaging. A general rule of thumb is that EDI is an absolute must for companies with business associates who procure large numbers of products.

Schouw Informatisering has processed in SI Foodware its EDI experience with 300 ERP implementations in the food sector. We have at our disposal an exceptionally large set of out-of-the-box standard EDI messages for our customers.

The benefits of using EDI

  • The stream of paper documents and telephone contacts is replaced by electronic documents.
  • The amount of work is reduced enormously and the chance of errors is minimised.
  • Another important argument in EDI's favour is that a standardised, electronic option to exchange messages with purchasers and suppliers gives peace of mind.
  • No more telephones ringing or fax machines grinding out orders and no more paper documents that need entering into the ERP system; instead of that, an excellent operation.

EDI messaging according to the GS1 standard

The messages in the SI Foodware - EDI solution are in compliance with the GS1 standard as determined by the food industry. You can retrieve the following mesages from EDI:

  • Reading in and receiving sales orders: ORDERS
  • Sending confirmation of receipt: APERAK
  • Sending a shipping notice: DESADV (including SSCC data)
  • Sending a sales invoice and credit note: INVOIC

Automatic control in SI Foodware

In addition to processing EDI messages, SI Foodware can also carry out a number of checks and balances that can be displayed in a failure report.  This means a check can be made that ordered articles are actually in the customer's product range.  Or that the data for the customer and delivery address is correct? Another control is to verify that the message to be received and the message to be sent are in line with customer expectations.

Our customers' experience

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