Working paperless within a production and warehouse environment

RF scanning & WMS

Would you like to work in a paperless manner on the factory floor and in the warehouse? The RF scanning options integrated in Dynamics ERP enable you to work faster and more efficiently.  The scanners mean you can book production output directly. Register and manage incoming and outgoing commodity streams. Execute picking assignments faster and more intelligently. In addition, it offers you the opportunity to rigorously reduce the time needed to complete your inventory checks. 

Working smarter and faster

Fast and correct planning and execution of picking assignments is often impeded if you work with lists on paper.  These processes are fully automated with an integrated RF scanning solution within Microsoft Dynamics® 365 together with Foodware 365. In addition, Microsoft Dynamics® 365 powered by Foodware 365 offers the possibility to execute real-time inventory control with scanning (by Cycle counting, for example). You can execute the stock control check at any moment without having to disrupt day-to-day activities.

Cost savings and error reduction with the help of WMS

Microsoft Dynamics® 365 Radio Frequency together with Foodware 365 has been developed in such a way that the screens users see on their scanner or personal computer are fully adapted. This makes it easy and user-friendly to work on these terminals. In addition, this standardised software leads to cost savings and less chance of errors.

The warehouse users work real time in the Dynamics® 365 database, in combination with Foodware 365, eliminating the need for data synchronisation between the various systems. The procedure for processing inventory, stock picking, product classification and stock control through Radio Frequency is the same as in normal practice.​

Real-time stock control with RF

An integral component of Foodware 365 - Radio Frequency is the scanning of a pallet label on which the article number, the batch number and the expiry date are indicated. The pallet labels are generated in the stock warehouse and these are scanned during stock picking, product classification and inventory control. This is immediately processed in Dynamics® 365 together with Foodware. During the stock-taking process, the count can be immediately entered in the scanner or pocket pc, so that it can be processed real-time in Dynamics NAV, AX and 365.

Paperless working within the food

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