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Foodware and Dynamics 365 platforms enable you to connect seamlessly to external solutions. Consider Scanning, EDI, a webshop, an Invoice Processing solution, Document Scanning and an Output and Document Management solution. We work closely together with partners to offer these external tools. We believe simply that others are better at doing this than us. This integrated ecosystem means that you no longer need have any concerns at all about your IT-related issues.


Scanning with Tasklet Factory

Together with our partner Tasklet Factory we offer the most user-friendly solution for RF Scanning: Mobile WMS. Tasklet Factory has been an expert in this area for years now and focuses solely on the development of Mobile WMS for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and Finance & Operations. The system is based on Android and offers offline functionality. With a food-specific translation of the technology, we make it the right fit for our food customers.

EDI (Data Exchange Framework)

The Data Exchange Framework can also be regarded as an EDI platform, but it goes further than simply EDI. It becomes an integral part of your software. It means that you can handle the mapping of your messages and the management of your communication fully within your own Foodware 365 ERP platform. Thanks to this insight in the entire framework of messages, you become the orchestrator of your own interface.

Webshops with Sana Commerce

Together with our partner Sana Commerce, we help (B2B) companies in the food sector to achieve their full potential. The Sana e-commerce solution enables food companies to reduce their time-to-market, to sell more efficiently, to raise customer satisfaction and to generate higher turnover. Sana Commerce offers you the shortest route to e-commerce. How? Thanks to its seamless 100% integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365. The Sana e-commerce solution uses all existing business logic and data to build efficient and user-friendly B2B webshops.

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Invoice processing with AXtension

As a partner of Schouw Informatisering, AXtension adds value to your Microsoft Dynamics platform by enabling the customer to remain a step ahead of the competition and develop growth momentum. Individually - or in combination with numerous AXtension solutions - the end user is able to be even more effective in day-to-day operations. AXtension(R) Invoice Processing optimises and automates the entire invoice flow within Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations. It is easy to implement, fully integrated within Microsoft Dynamics 365, easy to use and fits in seamlessly with the food industry.

Output and Document Management with Quadira

Preparing, enriching and ultimately sending documents from Foodware and Microsoft Dynamics 365? A simple job using Advanced-Forms(R) as part of your overall solution. Together with our partner Quadira, we offer a user-friendly and flexible output and document management solution for the food industry. This grants you access to food-specific documents and document distribution processes, from invoices to order confirmations and from CMRs to SSCC Labels.

Document Capture with Continia

Thanks to our collaboration with Continia and their Document Capture product, we can offer a completely automatic purchase invoice flow in Foodware 365. Document Capture processes your invoices, whether they have been sent by post or email. The software will match your invoice with the eventual purchase orders that are present in the system and, if desired, offer it in an approval flow. Everything is present in the trusted Foodware 365 interface. The retrieval of your documents happens in seconds by a fully indexed archive. Stop typing your invoices and filling your paper archive and see why more than 3000 Document Capture Clients have preceded you.


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