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Expand Microsoft Dynamics® 365 with standard applications

Schouw Informatisering is a full-service provider in the field of company-wide software for food organisations. We join forces with a range of partners for special techniques, enabling our customers to benefit from a comprehensive solution.

Output management

Quadira is an Advanced-Forms supplier. This is a user-friendly and flexible document management and output solution, offering substantial added value to companies in the food sector.

Document Capture

Document Capture, supplied by IDYN, is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 add-on offering end-to-end solutions for scanning, data extraction, registration and archiving of an organisation's documents.


HB Software enables us to offer our customers ExSION Reporting as an additional application. ExSION Reporting facilitates the presentation of Microsoft Dynamics data in a simple manner within the popular and multi-faceted Excel.

SQL Performance

SQL Perform Benelux is our partner for optimisation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 on SQL. They offer specific applications for performance improvement and optimisation of Dynamics 365 with the SQL Server.

Authorisations, field security and inventory connection

We work together with 2-Control for the simplification, management and security of Dynamics 365 Products such as 2-Controlware and Authorization Box provide clarity as to the quality of your system installation and offer clearer insight into automated data processing with Microsoft Dynamics® 365.

Infrastructure and hosting

Solipsis Managed Services is our preferred partner for system and network management. They can assume overall management on the customer's behalf.  In addition, they can offer Schouw Informatisering's ERP application for your organisation, on-site or hosted.

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