Optimise your margins and customer satisfaction

ERP for SMEs that produce food

As a production company, you want to streamline the production process and adjust it immediately to offer optimal customer service. Changeover times and moments should be optimised as far as possible. Solid production support and planning with the help of your ERP system is essential for the most effective production process and profit maximisation.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 together with Foodware 365 automates your production processes and provides insight into all operational aspects. From order-taking to production, warehouse management and delivery. You can review the current status of your order, picking list, entry notes and inventory as well as sales and profit margins alongside a range of other key performance indicators.  This enables you to enhance the reliability of approved orders and react to customer questions about the order status and anticipated delivery date.

Comply with government requirements

  • Tracking & Tracing throughout the chain
  • Labelling
  • Shelf-life insight

Comply with customer-specific demands related to

  • Packaging
  • Labelling
  • Processing
  • Delivery terms (including SSCC)
  • Order intake (including EDI and webshops)

Insight into return on investment and margins

  • Simplify complex cost calculations.
  • Gain rapid insight into all of your processes with an out-of-the-box Business Intelligence solution containing 500 KPIs of which 100 are specific to food companies.

More efficient production

  • Graphical scheduler: Insight into and proposals for production line staffing, whereby productivity is optimised and changeover time minimised.
  • Operations Control: Central registration of consumption and output on the factory floor with the help of touchscreens.
  • Controlling labelling processes. 

Make life easy for you and your colleagues

  • Working in a more integrated manner with a real ERP package.
  • Automatic invoice scanning and processing.
  • Working faster with less chance of errors thanks to integrated RF scanning throughout your entire logistics and production process.
  • Online, always and everywhere: The software is available in the cloud on all kinds of mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones and scanners.
  • Perfectly integrated with all your Office applications.

Indispensable functionality for your sector

  • Production planning
  • Hardware connectivity
  • Operations Control (registration on the production line)
  • EDI
  • SSCC labels
  • Production specifications
  • Quality control

How do we distinguish ourselves from other providers of food-specific software?

  • You have the opportunity to work in an integrated manner. Foodware 365 is a fully-fledged ERP system based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for both a workfloor and office environment. You no longer need to run a production package alongside your accounting programme. Data needs one-time entry only, enabling you to work faster and diminishing the chance of error.
  • Warranty for further development. We offer standard Microsoft products and adhere to the Microsoft release policy. This means that you have the right to the annual update published by Microsoft.
  • Continued development together with the Foodware user association.
  • We have gained experience from 150 international implementations alongside the experience gained from 150 implementations in the Netherlands.

Would you like to receive an indicative quote?

We have developed a tender wizard based on our experience with 300 ERP implementations at food companies, enabling us to offer you an indicative quote.