Food Management Dashboard

Want to see how your food company is doing in the twinkling of an eye?

Achieving strategic objectives is increasingly becoming a challenge. We have less time to deliver and need to take big decisions quickly. The data basement in your company is running out of room and is becoming hard to handle. But you need to take the right strategic and operational decisions quickly. 

Do you want to see how your company is doing in the twinkling of an eye? So that you can anticipate the next move quickly and correctly? The Food Management Dashboard enables you to access key operational information, wherever and whenever you want. In no time at all, you can activate the wealth of data in your ERP system. Finally, you get answers to questions such as: 'How much margin did I make on my various product characteristics?', 'How is my sales force performing?' and 'How effective is my production line?'

Insight into your data, always and everywhere

Business Intelligence and Reporting is often spread over various corporate entities. Each department has its own business analyst or developer and the familiar stack of Excel sheets. By standardising and consolidating Business Intelligence throughout your organisation, you can generate true insight into how your company is performing. You no longer need to peer into piles of unstructured data. The Food Management Dashboard gives you crystal-clear operational information enabling you to take better decisions faster.

500+ KPIs and measured values

The Food Management Dashboard contains 500 standard measured values and reports out-of-the-box, of which approximately 100 have been specifically developed for the food industry. These standard measured values came to being based on our experience with more than 300 ERP implementations at food companies all over the world. Would you like to see all 500+ measured values? Please let us know and we will forward you the brochure.

Enhance your strategy with BICC

You can deploy a Business Intelligence Competency Center (BICC) strategy to enhance your organisational clout. A BICC is a cross-functional team with tasks, roles, responsibilities and processes (services) that support and promote active BI within your food company. BI and 'Big Data' are becoming increasingly important. Establish a centralised unit with a common BI vision within the organisation. BICC is also the core component needed to close the gap between IT and the business. A BICC team also takes care of the coordination of activities and required resources, so that corporate decisions can be taken on the basis of factual data. So discard all those reports and offer your colleagues, clients and partners insight into the data you wish to share with them at that moment.

To become the so-called glue between the business and IT, three key skills need to be grouped within a BICC, including:

  • Business skills: requests for information are business driven. The requests for information are processed with the help of a BICC and can potentially be activated with BI or other IT resources.
  • IT skills: A BICC stands for centralisation and standardisation, and IT can play a major role in this process. The feasibility of a request for information cannot only be determined with IT skills. Standardisation of processes, tools and techniques contribute to an optimally-functional BI environment.
  • Analytics skills: A request for information is business driven and requires analysis. The information must be linked to organisational needs and be in line with the BI vision and strategy.

Ongoing optimisation of these business processes is also known as the continuous improvement cycle. Cooperation and knowledge transfer between the departments leads to a well-conceived decision to make adjustments in the interests of the company and the corporate objectives. Flexible: so that everyone has a better understanding of an issue and can tweak it where necessary.


Click on the dashboards below to get a feel for the tool

You can review the Food Management Dashboard with the help of the demo-environment below. Try it yourself by clicking on the link and see for yourself what Business Intelligence can do for you and your food company.

We are on stand-by!

Schouw Informatisering is ready and able to help you with everything related to data management and the establishment of a compelling business intelligence strategy. We link our food know-how to the most modern Business Intelligence features in the Food Management Dashboard. Together with you, we will lift your ERP solution to a higher level.

Discover the Food Management Dashboard for yourself

It is our pleasure to invite you to try out the Food Management Dashboard for 30 days. So that you can see for yourself in the course of a month how easy it is to work with the Food Management Dashboard.