Insight and control

Business Intelligence for the food industry

You are searching for management information to improve the way your food company is led, to save costs and to enhance return on investment while staying a step ahead of the competition. Nowadays you want to see at a glance how your business is doing so that you can take the right decisions quickly. Schouw Informatisering's Food Management Dashboard business intelligence solution and Power BI as a front-end solution offers you these insights directly. Finally, you get answers to questions such as 'What was the margin on my various product characteristics?' or 'How are my buyers doing?' and 'How effective is my production?'.

Set up a solid Business Intelligence strategy

We regard BI as a service: a partnership between supplier and customer. You know your business better than anybody and we have access to relevant sector know-how and the right experience. Together, we can shape your Business Intelligence strategy.

Food specific KPIs

  • A set of 500 out-of-the-box standard critical success factors and reports of which 100 have been specifically developed for the food industry. 
  • These standard KPIs came to being based on our experience with more than 300 ERP implementations at food companies all over the world. 
  • We make use of Power BI dashboards that offer you rapid and transparent insight. 
  • The Food Management Dashboard connects seamlessly to our ERP solutions. 

NorthSeafood optimises processes with Food Management Dashboard