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Quick and thorough implementations

Schouw Informatisering has gained quite some knowledge and experience about companies in the food industry by implementing our ERP package at over 150 Dutch organisations and 150 abroad. We know better than anyone the issues that confront a food company. We have brought this expertise together in SI Foodware®; a method with accompanying tools that strongly enhances the quality and speed of customer implementation trajectories. Every company that has ever embarked on a trajectory with Schouw has always gone live with our software.


Off to a flying start with FoodFit

Our comprehensive experience with implementations enables us to classify food companies in typologies. This classification varies from production to trade, from fresh and perishables to long-life articles. Every typology has to deal with specific issues that need to be managed by ERP. We have created standard solutions for companies within these typologies.

These standard solutions have various tools at their disposal, including documentation, tests and simulations that can be brought into play during implementation. You do not need to write the operating instructions or test scenarios yourself. These fundamentals are available in one large library and can be applied seamlessly to your situation.

International implementations

We offer you the chance to operate in a uniform manner with all national and international subsidiaries within your group of companies. Centrally with Microsoft Dynamics® 365 for Finance & Operations, or in a decentralised manner with Microsoft Dynamics® 365 Business Central (NAV). A standard ERP package enables you to maintain numerous subsidiaries a lot less expensively and with greater ease. It affords you the opportunity of gaining more grip on your processes and procedures by standardising them.

  • You operate with one integral software solution in all your units.
  • Schouw engages partners that understand the local market and language.
  • The Schouw FoodFit method is applied across the board by the various partners.
  • Schouw remains in control and monitors quality.

You elect for one uniform ERP system in all your subsidiaries. You do business with one party only; Schouw Informatisering. No worries, we take care of everything as and when it happens.

Successful projects within our customer base

Curious about the project experience of your industry partners? Our Food Community customers are happy to talk about their automation trajectories.