Quick and thorough implementations

In order to be of optimal assistance during the implementation of your new software platform, we set out on this endeavor together. We know as none other the kind of issues with which your food company can be confronted thanks to our multi-year knowledge of and experience with food companies. In addition, however, we are truly interested in human factors. We invest in your people to ensure a positive impact on the functioning of the core group and therefore on the success of the implementation trajectory.


Off to a flying start with FoodFit

We have brought this expertise together in a FoodFit methodology with accompanying tools that strongly enhance the quality and speed of customer implementation trajectories. Every organisation that teamed up with Schouw Information from Aptean has always gone live with our software. That is our promise to you.

We have determined the right approach for every type of organisation. From small to large companies, production or commercial, from fresh to perishable to long-lasting. Every typology has to do with specific problems that can be resolved by software. For every food company, we have a standard platform solution and methodology at our disposal. And these standard solutions have various tools at their disposal, such as documentation, test scenarios and simulations that can be applied during implementation. For smaller companies, we can start up the digital process fully independently. For larger companies and implementation trajectories, however, it is crucial that we can work together on site to achieve success.

International implementations

The Aptean Food & Beverage ERP Foodware 365 Edition solution is available all over the world for every food company. Your subsidiary abroad can also be supported simply and in a uniform manner. Depending on the trajectory, we can help you directly from the Netherlands, or we can bring in one of our partners abroad. The Aptean Food & Beverage ERP platform is also marketed abroad through these resellers.

Successful projects within our customer base

Are you curious as to the project experience of your peers? Our Food Community customers are happy to talk about their automation trajectories.

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