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The right support for continuity of company information is crucial to any food company. Once project implementation has been completed, it is of crucial importance that the software platform works as you want it to, and remains up to date. For that reason, we are always on hand. Are your company processes in flux or in need of optimisation? Are your requirements changing? Or are you opening a new subsidiary? We ensure that your IT system is in sync with the latest developments. The continuity of your food company in combination with our software is what it's all about.

Schouw Customer Service Portal

Are you a Schouw Informatisering from Aptean customer? Visit our Schouw Customer Service Portal in case you have any questions.

Upgrade to the latest version

Staying in tune with the latest software developments has become today's reality thanks to Microsoft's release policy for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. We adhere to this policy with Aptean Food & Beverage ERP. Major updates are planned twice a year and smaller updates takes place every month throughout the year. This is a relatively simple process thanks to new development technology. This always provides you with access to the latest innovations.

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