One Version of Dynamics 365: no more upgrades, only updates

New Release: Microsoft Dynamics for Finance & Operations

In order to be able to renew Dynamics 365 as a platform even faster and to maintain it now and in the future, Microsoft has announced the 'One Version' principle as of 1 April 2019. This means that Dynamics 365 as a real 'app' updates continuously on a monthly basis and gets new functionality with every release. This new path will be revealed with the release of the next version of Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, version 10.0 (April 2019). How will this change impact your company? We’ve discussed these developments with Jurgen Heinis, Sales Manager and Herre Schop, Solutions Architect at Schouw Informatisering.

Continuous development from Evergreen to One Version

Having one version means that there will be no more big upgrades in the future. Once customers get onboard the latest version, they will get monthly minor updates and major updates twice a year (April and October). There will be no more data migration or code migration, as new development technologies enable extensions to be used instead of intrusive development. This means that all customization will work in the next versions. There will be no breaking changes. New functionalities will be turned off by default and can be turned on when desired and tested. The main advantage is here is that all new functionalities will be ready to be used and implemented for our customer on a monthly basis.

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