Are food processing companies ready for the future?

There is more to do about food production, processing, origin and distribution than over before. Everything that has to do with food safety is under a magnifying glass. Which makes sense, looking at the numerous incidents of recent years. Add the increasing laws and regulations, strict customers, narrow margins and it is clear that the food processing industry has a lot on its plate. In addition, the demand for food is still increasing. How do companies in the sector deal with demand on the one hand and the various policy issues on the other? In short, are they ready for the future? We have conducted research among 77 food processing companies to find out.

Biggest challenges in the food processing industry

Research shows that companies aren’t performing optimally when looking at automation. The cooperation between different departments (purchasing, sales, production, finance) in relation to automation could be better, and 2/3 believes that they still perform too many manual operations and/or work with paper too much. When asked whether they consider themselves ready for the digital future, 56.4% answered with a score of 6 or lower – 1/3 gave themselves an insufficient score. Although awareness is high, it appears that breaking through existing structures and additional investments are preventing rapid changes.

The state of data in food

Data is gold! With the right data, new and difference insights can make the difference. More than half of the companies are already working on the transition from data to useful information, where 20% are still lagging behind: these companies still see a challenge in collecting the right data. 28% indicates that they can make the right decisions based on current information, with a score of 8 or higher. 21% indicates that this is not the case, with a score of 6 or lower.

Curious about more results about industry challenges, the state of data and IT trends and developments in the industry? Download the trend report here.