Tighter financial and logistical control at Van Kessel Fruit B.V.

Tighter financial and logistical control at Van Kessel Fruit B.V.

‘We increasingly felt the need for more control over our financial and logistical processes, and that resulted in our decision to go for the SI Foodware Fresh Produce ERP solution.' – Jack van Kessel, Van Kessel Fruit B.V.

Van Kessel B.V. is a traditional, family-owned business specialised in growing, processing and marketing deciduous fruit. Year round, together with growers throughout the Netherlands, the company supplies apples and pears to wholesalers, exporters and retailers, both domestically and internationally. Van Kessel Fruit has grown exponentially in recent years and was looking for a comprehensive and integrated ERP package and an automation partner with intrinsic knowledge of the fruit and vegetable sector. By choosing SI Foodware Fresh Produce - together with Schouw Informatisering's Microsoft Dynamics - the company selected a standard ERP package specifically focused on the fresh produce sector.

More need for control at a financial and logistical level

Van Kessel Fruit has doubled its sales in the past five years. 'The larger volumes we were generating made it clear we needed to tighten our controls at a financial and logistical level. We were looking for more integration in our automation to gain a deeper insight into these ever-larger volumes, because our current systems were no longer able to do that for us,' says Van Kessel Fruit's Jack van Kessel. By choosing the SI Foodware Fresh Produce solution, all business data is now visible in one system. This results, for example, in better inventory control.

Determining the product range in SI Foodware Fresh Produce solution

Van Kessel Fruit buys fruit directly from the grower's orchard. Van Kessel Fruit then runs a quality check on these batches before storing them. Batches from this tree species are regularly removed from the storeroom and sorted according to size and class. The new ERP system gives Van Kessel Fruit insight into which sizes have been sorted from which batch, the yield per kilogram from the batch and finally the yield from a particular harvest in the orchard. The information acquired enables financial reports to be compiled with the cost per variety or yield per customer. Van Kessel Fruit gained greater insight and more management information by combining logistics and financial data, as well as a powerful tool for registering the sorting process.

Fully-integrated standard solution

A multi-faceted ERP solution is a must-have to sustain the growth ambitions of this Velddriel-based family business.  In order to expand into new markets, it is of crucial importance to work with a new, fully-integrated solution that will offer us more possibilities going forward,' concludes Jack van Kessel. 'The SI Foodware Fresh Produce standard fully supports the growth ambition of Van Kessel Fruit and is, moreover, able to address ever-increasing customer requirements while managing future shifts in a turbulent Fresh Produce market,' adds Schouw Informatisering's Joris Kolff, wrapping up.

Joris Kolff (Schouw Informatisering) and Jacco van Kessel (Van Kessel Fruit B.V.)