SanoRice Italia is live with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and SI Foodware

SanoRice Italia is live with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and SI Foodware

At the beginning of 2017, SanoRice, the largest rice and corn cakes manufacturer in Europe, has taken the next step in their automization strategy. The implementation of Microsoft Dynamics in combination with SI Foodware is completed at their production location in Italy. This means that all locations in Europe now work with the same ERP system as the Dutch headquarter. This brings a lot of advantages for SanoRice, as all factories are managed centrally from the Holding in Veenendaal, the Netherlands.

One food-specific ERP application

SanoRice aspires to become the worldwide market leader in the category of private label manufacturers. They have three factories in Europe: in The Netherlands, Belgium and Italy. In the past it was quite a task that all factories are managed centrally in Veenendaal, as all sites worked with different software systems. Not surprisingly, the central theme of the IT strategy that SanoRice Holding formulated in 2012 was the introduction of structure and consistency in the provision of information and processes. The objective of this strategy was the roll-out of one food-specific ERP application for all locations in the cloud.

Blueprint basis for fast implementation

With the previous experience of implementing Microsoft Dynamics and SI Foodware at the sites in The Netherlands and Belgium, SanoRice was able to create a blueprint that would form the basis for the Italian implementation. This meant that within two months’ time, SanoRice Italia was able to transfer from their old solution to Microsoft Dynamics, SI Foodware and all the customization of SanoRice Netherlands. In this project, SanoRice received support from an Italian SI Foodware partner, Netribe.

Advantages of one ERP system

Now that all the sites work centrally with the same system in the cloud, SanoRice really benefits from the advantages; centralization of data and processes, provide for an unambiguous business structure. And with the implementation of one reporting tool Qlikview, SanoRice is able to see how efficient they are working real time.