LaBan Foods works with SI Foodware for their quality-related issues.

All daily quality-related business of a food company in SI Foodware

Garlic butter specialist LaBan Foods, like all food companies, has to deal with strict statutory provisions and customer requirements. They use SI Foodware, the food-specific ERP solution, to comply with these requirements quickly, accurately and efficiently.

The quality modules in this Microsoft Dynamics-based ERP application anticipate all quality assurance-related issues with which a food company is confronted every day. SI Foodware has access to advanced functionality for registering product specifications. 

Christa LaBan: "We process the product specs in SI Foodware. We make us of the raw materials specifications that we are given by our suppliers. These are entered into SI Foodware by our Quality Assurance department. The product specs for the end product can be calculated with the help of the recipes that we enter into SI Foodware. So you have them available to send to your customers." You only have to enter the specifications of the raw materials once, and SI Foodware takes care of the automatic calculation. This prevents errors and saves you a lot of work.

Automatic labeling on the line

Accompanying packaging labels inclusive of allergen and ingredient verification statements are generated automatically. The module comprises a standard Bartender link and enables you to label automatically on the production line. In the event of a recall, SI Foodware can automatically block the remaining batches of the product concerned and a Track and Trace procedure can be initiatied. Christa LaBan: "Legal provisions oblige us to be able to trace our products within a certain timeframe. So that we can see which raw materials are involved and to which customers they have been delivered. This is easy to do using SI Foodware. It is possible to trace which lot numbers are used for what purpose in every end product. Each end product is given a lot number that provides insight into which raw materials have been used where, and to whom the end products were delivered."

Track and trace up down the supply chain

In a mere few seconds, SI Foodware enables you to track and trace up and down the supply chain, after which you can inform the vendors and customers concerned. This enables problems to be identified and resolved, protecting your image and business continuity.