Van Oers Berry goes for digitalization with Foodware 365 in the cloud

Great news! Van Oers Berry recently chose Foodware 365 in the cloud from Schouw Informatisering, based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. The strawberry nursery was looking for an ERP-partner that would provide in their new needs since last summer, and found their perfect match in Schouw Informatisering. And this leads to a true local collaboration, since both companies are based in Etten-Leur, the Netherlands.

Need for digitalization at Kwekerij van Oers

Van Oers Berry is a family-owned business and grows strawberries all year long, mainly for Veiling Hoogstraten, but for Local4Local as well, which lead them to have a lot of different customers. Together with Kwekerij Van Oers and Van Oers Fruit, the family business has 6 locations, spread around Etten-Leur, Prinsenbeek and Zevenbergen. “We produce around 3 million quality strawberries every year. Our customers have a lot of wishes, which we have to comply with that”, says Martijn van Oers, owner of the location in Etten-Leur. Recently, Van Oers Berry has been packaging some of the strawberries at this location. This has resulted in a more complex business operation than before. There’s more administration, and the tracking of the strawberries and packaging materials is of great importance. This is why Van Oers Berry created the wish to start working with ERP, in order to manage this whole process better. Before this, the company mainly worked with Excel, but this took a lot of time and money. One thing was clear: this can be done more efficiently.

Foodware 365 from Schouw Informatisering

And that’s why they started looking for a fitting software partner last summer. The following month, Van Oers had multiple conversations with multiple companies and they started the selection process. Eventually, they chose Foodware 365 for Business Central in the cloud. “To start off with, our preference was Dynamics 365 from Microsoft, since I have a positive experience working with this and it’s very recognizable with the Office structure”, says Pim Vincenten, business analyst at Kwekerij Van Oers. A decisive factor was also the fact that Schouw Informatisering is developing a large amount of apps that are very important for growers. This way, Kwekerij van Oers now has access to linked QC-registrations, real-time insights in packaging flows and it makes for simply registering production output numbers on the line. “In addition, a solution in the cloud really appealed to us. At most companies, you have to directly buy a whole software package, at Schouw there is a monthly model. A reassuring feeling, since we don’t have to invest our money before we can actually see what it yields”, Martijn van Oers adds. The solution of Microsoft is based on a platform mindset, which makes Foodware 365 an easily scalable and expandable solution.

Onto a fruitful collaboration

Currently, strawberries are packed in one location of Kwekerij van Oers. The project will therefore start at this location in Etten-Leur, since here the ERP platform will be most needed. After a successful preliminary process, both parties look forward to an equally successful collaboration.