We need to transform food systems with (technological) innovations for a more sustainable planet

Worldwide, the current food systems are not sustainable for people and our planet, there is (too) much food waste, this has a significant impact on the environment, there are malnourished population groups and products that are underpaid. Something has to change! There are enormous opportunities to help the food industry. The challenges in this sector grow like crazy, and it is an ever-growing question mark how we can continue to feed the world population in the future. According to the report of the World Economic Forum (WEF) there are multiple innovations that can change the food sector and make it more sustainable. For example, Internet of Things (the use of real-time sensors for the quality of products) and blockchain to make the food chain more transparent and safer; and thus preventing food waste.

(Technological) innovations for sustainability

If we start using these types of innovative technologies worldwide, WEF states that by 2030 the food yields could be hundreds of millions of tons higher and, in the context of sustainability, we could save hundreds of millions of cubic meters of water. Additionally, the income of the farmers will be greatly improved. Technological innovations could play a very important role in accelerating the transformation of food systems. But up until now, the food and fresh produce sector have invested relatively little in this. According to research, we have been ‘behind’ for decades. But why?

A complex food sector demands action

This has to do with the complexity of the sector. There are less investments than in other sectors and innovative start-ups often fail. And this is happening in fact due to various reasons. Multiple innovations are hard to bring about because of the complex fragmented chains, high costs rise because of laws and regulations and, at the opposite end, the demanding consumer is used to cheaper food. Time for action! Because there is more than enough potential. That is why WEF formulated 12 technologies and innovations that could make a significant difference before the year 2030. Something that will not only yield social value, but economical value as well. And every stakeholder can help with this. Including us!

Innovations within reach for everyone with Foodware 365

In the report you can read more about the 12 (technological) innovations and what you can do, as a food company, for a more sustainable planet. With Foodware 365 and the Dynamics 365 platform of Schouw Informatisering, technological innovations in the food industry are available already.