The second release of Foodware 365 for Business Central - SaaS

We are heading into the final weeks until the summer break for project team Texel. The final touches are being made to food apps and the second release of the next generation of Foodware 365 for Business Central – SaaS. At the end of the first release, we proudly delivered 6 apps. However, we raised the bar and now managed to introduce 11 more apps to Foodware 365. The team has fully dedicated itself to translate customer challenges into process-oriented solutions with an absolute full utilization of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. We have a bit more than one week to go, and we have achieved the second milestone in the Texel journey, the delivery of Wave 2 followed by a well-deserved summer break.

Written by Benny Dor, Schouw Informatisering

The result after two releases: 17 apps jam-packed with Food. 17 Apps running on the latest technology. 17 Foodware 365 apps: The Foremost Food Solution. The next release is planned for October 2019. Read more about Wave 2 here.