Schouw Informatisering participates in research project WUR about Blockchain

For the coming 3 years, Wageningen University and Research (WUR) together with the Dutch Organisation for Applied Natural Sciences (TNO) and partners will be conducting a research project to investigate what blockchain technology could mean for the Agri/food sector. Schouw Informatisering will also partake in this project. Why? Transparency throughout the production chain is becoming more important within the food industry. Consumers are becoming more critical! How reliable is product packaging when it states the product was produced organically? Can it be ensured that a company is continually entitled to use an organic certification sign? Demand for the ability to check this is continuously increasing, but the current technology systems cannot meet this desire (yet). Blockchain technology can become a tool to tackle the inefficiency within the quality-information chain. And we are keen to help make that happen.

Blockchain Technology: Relevance for the agri-food industry

Reducing fraud and helping to make the production chain more transparent are some of the possibilities with blockchain technology. It works as a stream, so when something is changed this applies to everyone. Meaning you cannot make any hidden adjustments. This ensures the blockchain’s reliability and helps to prevent fraud. Making this technology very suitable for the agri-food industry where these are very important topics. This way the consumer can accurately check the steps in the production process of a product. Also, blockchain technology can assist with tracing, for example, a wrong batch, as long as the process is supported with an adequate ERP system.

Research project WUR: “Automated Compliance in Agrifood through Blockchain”

The project “Automated Compliance in Agrifood through Blockchain” is a research project of WUR and TNO, together with several partners from the private sector, including Schouw Informatisering. The research will be conducted for 3 years and will start at the beginning of 2019. The project is perfectly in line with the ambitions and goals of Schouw Informatisering concerning food, quality, and technology. Making us very excited to contribute our share to this project. The research should help to create a better understanding of the blockchain technology and the possibilities for the agrifood sector. The technology and its diverse applications are still in development and we believe it is important to support our customers with the most innovative solutions.

Innovative partner for Schouw customers

By participating in this project, we continue to develop our knowledge and expertise. We are an innovating partner for our customers, who is continually up-to-date on the latest developments in the market. As soon as there are new technologies available, we are capable to utilize these through our wide areas of expertise. Next to that, as a food ERP-supplier, we can share our expertise and experience in the food industry with our partners in the project.

Interested/Excited? We will keep you up-to-date on all the developments on this project.