How crucial data is for Renault Formula 1, but the food industry as well

A visit to Renault Formula 1 in Enstone, that made quite the impression! Data is indispensable in a company like Renault Formula 1 and is even key to success. Or actually, it’s the combination of data and the human touch. And this also holds for the food industry. That combination is the ingredient to be successful in the changing and digitalizing world of today. That’s why we, together with Microsoft, decided to take a select group of food specialists to this special place.

With the right (ERP) base there is room to grow

To get to the right insights and the correct steering information, it’s of great importance that the base (ERP) of your company is steady. It’s the motor of your company and should always work. This motor generates data, and a lot of it. And you can do great things with that data. With the right information and insights, you can optimize continuously. Which means working more efficiently and grow. And if we’re talking about Formula 1, with the right data you can get be a little bit quicker each time. Data is crucial here, just like in the food industry.

Data and the ‘human touch’ make the difference

With an insane number of 220 IoT-sensors in one Renault Formula 1 car, everything is measured during the race. Because of that data and the insights, you now have, every element can completely change, to be just 0.01 second quicker on the racetrack. Data tells a lot, but the human touch continues to be very important. Just data isn’t going to get you anywhere. The combination of data and human is going to make the difference. Make sure you understand the data, and with that, you can do more than you could even imagine.

A visit to the Technical Centre of Renault Formula 1 in Enstone

We heard this exciting story last month. Add to that a tour through the impressive factory of Renault Formula 1, and the memorable day was complete. Microsoft as a partner and the software Microsoft Dynamics are a crucial part of the success of the team. Which is precisely the difference we can make with our customers! Working together, being part of a team and seeing what we can do with data together.