Together with our food customers and partners we’re looking at a software solution for PIM

Innovation should be focused on the end-user, which makes input from our customers and partners the first step in finding a possible solution for different challenges in the food industry. And this includes challenges in Product Information Management, or PIM in short.

Theme sessions with customers and partners

In order to offer a solution that completely fits with what our clients need, we obviously want to involve them. They know like no other what the industry needs, which is why we organize different types of sessions. One of those is a Theme session, where we focus on one theme, and through an innovation process (Problem Thinking and Solution Finding) we go to work together.

Product Information Mangement solution 

This week we organized a PIM session. Together with different experts from the food industry, we identified the PIM landscape, to prioritize personal and food industry-related challenges and needs. We did this at Schouw on location, but also online with our worldwide Foodware partners. How can we help with our software solutions, resulting in food companies being able to face these challenges? Step 1 is done and dusted, now it’s time to start the search for fitting solutions.

Brainstorm session