Padifood sticks to Schouw for updated software system

Padifood has had Schouw Informatisering as a software partner since 2007. With all the new technologies and possibilities, Padifood felt the need to re-implement their software system. A new retailer as a customer resulted in to the original plans being adjusted in an ambitious manner. The past few months we worked really hard to implement the updated system as soon as possible. 

Authentic Asian kitchen

Padifood is a real family business, and started off as an authentic Chinese-Indian restaurant, de Padihoeve. A logical next step was to serve these delicious dishes in the comfort of your own home. This was the basis for Padifood: Eastern pre-packaged meals of restaurant quality, made in the traditional way. Quality ingredients, traditional recipes and authentic preparation methods. Today the day Padifood still prepares all the meals themselves. And this you can taste!

Padifood sticks to Schouw for updated software system

Padifood has been working with Schouw as a software partner for over 10 years. The plan to update and expand the system was there last year. Padifood wants to be ready to use all the newest technologies of the Foodware 365 platform. For example, insights in management data about the production process, that can lead to an even more efficient production. Apart from that, there are a lot of different techniques on their way, like cognitive services, artificial intelligence and blockchain. Maybe stuff for the future, but with the possibilities of it working tomorrow. Padifood wants to be ready for the future, today.

Padifood has a fresh product with a short expiration date. Meaning correctly planning all processes is very important. Padifood again chose Schouw Informatisering as software partner. Why? “The knowledge of the food industry is there at Schouw. We’ve had an excellent collaboration with Schouw for years, so I don’t see any reasons to switch software partners. The people at Padifood are used to it as well. I also really believe in the concept with Microsoft as standard software in combination with the food specific Foodware”, says Leon The, managing director at Padifood.

Change of plans

The upgrade plan Padifood and Schouw initially set up, had to be adjusted, since Padifood starts delivering to Albert Heijn soon. A nice addition to Padifood’s customer portfolio, but with consequences for the ERP system and planned re-implementation. Delivering to Albert Heijn means, among other things, implementing the Vendor Management Inventory (VMI) protocol. This entails that Padifood is responsible for supplying the SFC (Shared Fresh Center). This meant that priority was now on implementing the VMI module, with specific EDI messages. In a few weeks, the original plan was adjusted completely. “Schouw Informatisering knows the market and knows the demands that this retailer has. This ensured that we were able to advise Padifood immediately, considering the wishes and demands of their existing customers, that were already on the table”, says Joris Kolff of Schouw Informatisering.

A challenging project

Going live with Foodware and the new VMI module has been a challenging project for Padifood and Schouw Informatisering, since there was a lot of time pressure. The module has to be implemented before April, and an ERP-implementation takes time, even with all the standardization. Given the pressure on Padifood’s organization with regards to their new customer, Schouw has taken an extra step to relieve Padifood. Making sure the implementation went as smoothly as possible, a consultant of Schouw Informatisering has been on-site at Padifood 4 days a week. Joris Kolff says: “By consistently investing in new talent through an annual trainee program, we are able to quickly adjust and offer ‘extra hands’ to the clients who need it. Cases like Padifood get us excited, this is what we do it for, with automatization, knowledge and know-how we make sure our clients are as successful as possible”.

Joris Kolff of Schouw Informatisering (left) with Leon The of Padifood (right)