Foodware 365 for Business Central SaaS: The first release is here!

Months of preparation followed by a quarter of really hard work with a dedicated team. Together we are working on the next generation of Foodware 365 for Business Central SaaS. A new generation of solutions means not just a different way of programming, but a different way of thinking, approaching, describing and resolving issues that companies in the food industry have. By now, we’re at week 13 of Project Texel and we are ready for the next step, the first release week of our new solution.

Foodware 365 for Business Central SaaS is built up from separate extensions (apps). In comparison to the existing products where the Foodware code, Microsoft code and code of third parties are completely entangled, working with apps has a modular mindset. The apps are independent of each other, which simplifies the growth of the product. A lot of attention has been paid to how we build the apps, so that a solid foundation has been created for Foodware 365, where we can continuously implement improvements and features.

Read more about what we've achieved here.