Finding new software solutions together with our food customers

About our quality sessions, solution finding and the process

For years now, the food industry went through great lengths to be able to ensure food safety and food quality better than before. There has been a lot of negative media attention drawn to the food industry, and for fair reasons. Scandals involving meat recalls, tampering with quality marks and let’s not forget the fipronil scandal. The consumer’s trust must be recovered. We all want more transparency; we want to know what we are buying and more so, what we are eating. In short terms, we want a transparent chain with trusted production processes. And this is exactly where a software solution can help.

This is why we struck up a conversation with our customers’ quality managers. We organized a theme session focused on quality and IT and started brainstorming. How can we help with our solutions, to make sure that food companies can face their challenges?

Curious to know what came out of this quality session and how the proces went? Read the whole article here.