Fast lead time of upgrade ERP system Foodware at Van Vliet

Van Vliet | The Family of Candy Brands has been a loyal customer of Schouw Informatisering since 2004. Last November, they started with a large upgrade of the system for the headquarters in Alphen aan den Rijn. Only one and a half month later, on January 1st, Van Vliet went live with the upgraded version of Foodware. Why the upgrade? After Van Vliet’s production locations in Hoogezand and Winschoten already upgraded to the latest version of Foodware on January 1st 2018 and June 1st 2018, it was a logical next step to get the headquarters in Alpen aan den Rijn on the new system as well. The new version has a lot more advantages for the confectionary company. The whole upgrade went very fast. Within all branches of Van Vliet work with the newest version of Foodware.

Fast lead time of upgrade Foodware

The system was implemented in only one and a half month at Van Vliet in Alphen aan den Rijn. A very quick lead time, since it was a full-scope her implementation: purchasing, sales, logistics, production, outsourcing, financial, a link with DHL, EDI and product specifications. Van Vliet decided on the ambitious deadline of January 1st, 2019 to go live with the complete ERP system. From November, Schouw and Van Vliet worked together to make this happen. “This was mainly possible because of the great involvement of Van Vliet in the project”, Niels Laurijssen, consultant at Schouw Informatisering, mentions.  “Without the knowledge of the customer about the system and their willingness to work hard, this would not have been possible”. Martin van Vliet, CEO at Van Vliet adds: “It obviously helped that we already went live at our production locations with the new system, we already built up a lot of knowledge there”.

Choosing Schouw Informatisering again

Once Van Vliet decided they wanted newer software, they chose Schouw Informatisering again. And this made a lot of sense. Van Vliet has been a loyal customer of Schouw Informatisering since 2004, so they have been working with Foodware and Microsoft Dynamics for years. “The system does what it has to do for us as a food company. We are very pleased with Schouw and the system”, says Martin van Vliet.

Link with DHL

Van Vliet has been working with DHL for years. In the past, Van Vliet worked with a different party to link with DHL, however this party stopped supporting this process and the functionality. This meant that there was now the need for a link with DHL in the new version of Foodware. A great challenge for Schouw, since this link was never made in Foodware and Microsoft Dynamics 365 before. We succeeded in developing a code the works well within the functionality of Foodware. The link means that from a sales order you can report to DHL that you want to send a package, and you’ll receive a DHL sticker in return. Doing this, the shipment is automatically registered at DHL, and DHL’s driver can pick up the package immediately, without any hassle. The driver always knows exactly how many packages need to be collected.

Van Vliet | The Family of Candy Brands

The Van Vliet family business has been around since 1974. Starting off as a store in Alphen aan den Rijn, it has grown into a large company with four branches, including two production locations. The candy is made under brand names like Meenk, Kindly’s and De Bron, as well as private label. A company that believes in great candy, made with honest raw materials. No less than 90% of these materials come from the Netherlands. 100% natural! The basic ingredients of Value Creation, Enthusiasm and Commitment can be found in all their concepts, products and the people working at Van Vliet | The Family of Candy Brands. The candy is sold throughout Western Europe.

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