Chocolaterie Albèrt chooses Foodware 365 software in the cloud

One step inside of Chocolaterie Albert’s store and you’ll be buried underneath the delicious scent of chocolate. And it’s all made with passion here. As a new software supplier of the chocolate company we’re very curious to know what makes Chocolaterie Albèrt special, so we talked with proud owner Albert van Helvert. This month he decided to work with the innovative cloud platform Foodware 365 of Schouw Informatisering: food-specific software for Microsoft Dynamics 365. That naturally requires an explanation.

Written by: Marlie van Meer, Marketeer at Schouw Informatisering

Chocolaterie Albèrt is a family-owned company in Udenhout, and on the daily, they process large quantities of chocolate into creative end products. And that’s what sets this producer apart. Albert van Helvert: “We are different from other colleagues, we dare to be playful and original, both in flavors and in models. And the customer away comes first.” With one production location, four stores, 1070 standard products, and many regular customers, including Jamin, Chocolaterie Albèrt is a distinctive player in the higher segment.

Guaranteeing traceability with a total solution

And the business is growing. There are now six production lines producing the most unique chocolate. Which means more administrative actions and more complexity because of the strict legislation. To meet those requirements, Chocolaterie Albèrt had to look for a total solution for food companies, in which the entire business process can be guaranteed. Traceability in particular is of great importance here. “By choosing Foodware 365, we can capture everything. It provides better stock management, traceability is well organized, and there is a link to the webshop. Everything together, all in the cloud. And that comes with a lot of advantages.” The food-specific ERP platform Foodware 365 SaaS (Software as a Service) will be rolled out in phases, with short lead times.

Possibilities of standard food software

The choice for Schouw was made quite quickly. “There are only a few parties that can do this. My son already had experience with Microsoft Dynamics 365, which is why we preferred this. Schouw is, just like us, focused on the future. We’re open to what the standard software is capable of. Software is an elementary part of the company, which makes it important that Schouw is a financially healthy party with plenty of room for growth.”

Roel Kox of Schouw Informatisering with Albert van Helvert of Chocolaterie Albèrt