An inspiring morning at Van Kessel Fruit B.V.

Tuesday morning, February 12th at 8.30 A.M. the first guests from the Dutch and Belgium top fruit sector arrived at Van Kessel Fruit B.V.'s new business premises in Velddriel. Looking forward to an inspiring morning! Joris Kolff of Schouw Informatisering started the morning off with an introduction about Schouw, our software platform Foodware 365 and how this is completely suited for companies working in the top fruit sector.

New business premises Van Kessel Fruit B.V.

Managing director-owner Jacco van Kessel told about the history of the family business, and how they have grown to be a successful player in the top fruit sector. Jack van Kessel then showed the 35 guests a software demonstration and told about how they use Foodware AGF with specific top fruit functionality for sorting and paying growers.

During Jacco van Kessel's presentation

And the tour around the building was very well received. With a lot of enthusiasm, Jack and Jacco van kessel told about the way they work in the warehouse and how all activities are integrated in Foodware AGF. The link between the Greefa sorting machine and Foodware AGF ensures that sorted sizes are directly registered as sell-able stock. We ended the morning together, with a delicious lunch. 

Tour at Van Kessel Fruit B.V.

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