Changes in the Management Team of Schouw Informatisering

In order to further facilitate the growth ambitions of Schouw Informatisering, CEO and owner John Schouw has announced that, per January 1 2019, his day to day management responsibilities will be moved towards Steven Doesburg. By doing this, John Schouw is creating room for the management team, on their journey towards further growth and transformation of Schouw into the next phase, and room for himself to spend more time on research, innovations and customer relations. As from January 1, 2019, Steven Doesburg will be the CEO of Schouw Informatisering. Next to Steven, the management team is completed by Peter van den Maagdenberg (CFO) and Serge Breugelmans (COO). 

Advisory Board

John has no intentions to completely move away from the company. In addition his role as owner, John obviously still is Mister Schouw and it is his name that is displayed on the company’s offices in Etten-Leur. “This allows me to re-focus on doing what made Schouw successful in the first place. Acting as a trusted advisor and point of contact for our customers.” Going forward, John will, closely keep a close on the company’s performance by joining the Advisory Board of Schouw Informatisering, initiated earlier this year. The Advisory Board currently consists of Martin van de Ven, former CEO of SVZ International and Aviko and Joop van Voorthuijsen, cofounder and member of the Board of Directors of The IT Channel Company, among others known from the QBS Group. A combination of expertise and experience from both the food industry as well as business applications and the Microsoft partner ecosystem.

The Schouw Transformation

Subsequent to Steven Doesburg’s arrival as CCO and ISV Director, Schouw embarked on an exciting journey: the transformation of both our solution and our organization to a Cloud Solution Provider. Recently we launched Foodware 365, our food specific software solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365. A solution that is built on the future proof Dynamics 365 platform, that provides access to a world of technological innovations. And it is that transformation that does not only touch the products and services we develop, but also the ways in which we interact with our customers and how we provide them our services and support. Something that provides a tremendous opportunity.

Steven Doesburg: “Schouw Informatisering is a special, and beautiful, company. The customers, the focus, the vision and the people together is what realizes this. The pace we achieved internally, with regards to this transformation, only increased my confidence that this is the right way to go.”

Left: Steven Doesburg, Right: John Schouw