Frequently asked questions

To better serve you, we have prepared a list of frequently asked questions about Microsoft Dynamics ERP and SI Foodware. In case your specific question is not listed here, please contact:

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Telephone number: +31 (0)76-504 25 20


Question 1: How can I set up the Packaging Declaration?

Ask the Support Desk or your consultant for the document ”How to set up Packaging Declaration”.

Question 2: How can I see which version of Foodware I am using?

In NAV press the Help key. Take option ‘About Microsoft Dynamic NAV’. On the next window the Foodware version number is shown.

Question 3: Is it possible to create and send Invoices in a night batch in NAV?

Ask the Support Desk or your consultant for the document “How to set up Sales Invoicing by batch through NAS”.

Question 4: I am using the module Container Management. Is it possible to use the SSCC number as a Container number?

Whenever the SI Foodware® module “Container Administration” is used in combination with SSCC numbers, for the present, it is not possible to use the internal container number as the SSCC number. At the moment of shipping you always have to create an extra SSCC number.

Question 5: In the Quality module I am using the ALBA list. A customer now demands that I use the LEDA list instead. Is it possible to combine the use of these two lists?

In Foodware 2.02 it is possible to use  the LEDA list next to the ALBA list. Ask your consultant if it is possible to update or merge your software to this version of Foodware.

Question 6: In the RTC client: can I attach a user ID to two different profiles?

No, this is not possible. When a user has to perform tasks that regularly are divided over different profiles, the way to deal with such a situation is to adapt one of the profiles used or to create a new profile for the user. In this profile all of the user’s tasks should be taken into consideration.