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Being successful in the turbulent fruit & vegetable sector means facing up to the challenges of time (speed and shelf-life), logistics (transportation and traceability) and quality. Retailers and consumers are becoming even more critical and are raising the bar in terms of requirements, increasingly supported by government legislation. Finding that optimal balance between supply and demand is a challenge for you every day. The Fresh Produce Team of Schouw Informatisering understands this challenge better than anybody. We serve more than 70 customers in the fruit & vegetable sector with more than 1,700 software users.

Foodware Fresh Produce

Foodware® Fresh Produce is a company-wide software solution based on Microsoft Dynamics® NAV. Designed with the quest for optimal balance between supply and demand at fresh produce companies top of mind. The solution came to being thanks to our fresh produce specialists in close cooperation with our fresh produce customers. Unit Administration is at the core of the package. The costs associated with each transaction can be allocated to each specific party for all processes within the chain, from import and logistics to production and delivery. The business intelligence unit administration model reveals processes and costs, so that you have full control over the optimal balance between supply and demand.

Fresh Produce user association

Users of Foodware Fresh Produce can join the independent user association. By providing feedback to Schouw Informatisering related to necessary and desired functional extensions to Foodware Fresh Produce, they directly contribute to this product's future. Moreover, they safeguard user interests.

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