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You wish to grow and see this growth facilitated by your software. Every day, you are busy seeking the balance between raising customer satisfaction and optimising your margins. The authorities and your customers are setting even higher requirements and thereby pressuring your margins. You need insight into your operation and grip on your processes. The Schouw Food Team focuses on the SME food sector and helps more than 90 customers every day to realise their growth ambitions. From specialised start-ups to the larger family firms, from fresh to long-life, the Food Team has the ideal solution for you.

Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV together with SI Foodware NAV automates your production processes and provides insight into all operational aspects. From order-taking to production, warehouse maintenance and delivery. You can review the current status of your order, picking list, entry notes and inventory as well as sales and profit margins alongside a range of other key performance indicators.  This enables you to enhance the reliability of approved orders and react to customer questions about the order status and anticipated delivery date.

Food user association

We invite users of SI Foodware NAV to join the independent user association. By providing feedback to Schouw Informatisering related to necessary and desired functional extensions to standard software, they contribute directly to this product's future. Moreover, they safeguard user interests.

What's new(s) at the Food Team

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