Team Data Management

Team Data Management

Our Data Management Team helps you with everything related to data management and the establishment of a compelling business intelligence strategy. Monitoring and automatic maintenance of your application can be provided from the ever-increasing SiMon services package. The team combines food sector know-how with the most modern business intelligence options in the Food Management Dashboard. Together with you, they will turn your ERP solution into a strategic weapon that is easy to maintain.

SiMon, the customer portal

Simon, otherwise known as the SI Monitoring tool, facilitates fuss-free ERP and IT.  It is a portal where you can review open applications, can create new applications and where you can accept or decline tested applications. This portal offers a wide variety of services that is always growing.

SiMon monitoring services

Simon can mean more and more for you in the future, with the final goal being a fully-fledged IT monitoring tool. We will complete this process phase by phase. In addition to the support services that Simon offers, the tool is also able to monitor technical and functional aspects in a passive manner. Simon comes to life when your software requires action, but it also issues weekly reports about the health of your software. It looks after your company processes so that you can focus on making them even sharper. At some point you will even be able to entrust your ERP environment to Simon. Simon can host your development, testing, accepting and production (DTAP) facilities, thereby providing a complete DTAP environment.

Your business intelligence strategy

We see Business Intelligence as a partnership between us as supplier and you as customer. You know your business better than anybody, we have access to the right know-how and experience. Together, we work towards the development of a solid Business Intelligence strategy.  The Food Management Dashboard offers a Business Intelligence that enables you to see at a glance how your food company is doing. 

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