The Food Community

The Food Community is a core theme within our organisation. The relationship with our customer is at the heart of this Community, a sense of partnership, of transparency and togetherness. We strive to develop and share knowledge and technology together with our customers and partners in the field of food and ICT in a changing market that is growing from both a local and global perspective.

Joint further development of SI Foodware

We do more than simply share in the Food Community. We develop knowledge and technology, whereby we are stronger together as members of The Food Community. We have the opportunity to confront issues together. Participants have an advisory role in the development of SI Foodware and other services that Schouw Informatisering provides. In addition, we as Schouw Informatisering play an active role in the timely flagging of new and necessary know-how and technology. This is how SI Foodware is developing: together.

We are The Food Community

  • All customers who make use of Dynamics 365 (NAV and AX) and use SI Foodware or its predecessors, at home or abroad.
  • Partners abroad who market SI Foodware locally.
  • Technology partners.
  • Advisors and educational institutions.
  • Schouw Informatisering.

Why take part in The Food Community

  • You have the opportunity to address various issues together, such as the development of certain software adjustments and new functionalities.
  • You have the possibility to save costs by participating in joint developments.
  • You gain insight into how others use their ERP system, potentially enabling you to make better use of your own.
  • You have access to a better reference framework and a network of mid to large-sized food companies.
  • You can keep your programmes up to date.

The Food Community in reality

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Klooster Fishmongers goes live within four months thanks to successful partnership
Schouw develops vendor-managed model for AH Versnellen

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