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Continuity business processes strengthened with implementation SI Foodware


At the end of January Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods from Voorthuizen in the Netherlands awarded Schouw Informatisering from Etten-Leur, the Netherlands, the contract to implement Microsoft Dynamics® NAV in combination with SI Foodware®. The main goal that Vreugdenhil wishes to achieve with this ERP implementation is the consolidation of their four locations in a single ERP application.

And with this Vreugdenhil wants to provide its management with the right reports and resources to manage the different companies successfully. Vreugdenhil is one of the main international suppliers of spray-dried dairy products and of specialised products for the food industry based on dairy ingredients. Jan Vreugdenhil: "We have chosen Schouw Informatisering because they have more than just sector specific expertise; they have also proven that they can provide the right solution with a minimum of customisation."

Business continuity

Vreugdenhil’s dairy specialism ranges from purchasing and production to storage, sales and distribution of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products. Quality controls are carried out continually throughout the whole process. "Because of our presence in the entire chain we are able to supply high-quality products," Vreugdenhil says. "Two elements play an important role in the continuity of our business activities. First and foremost food safety and secondly our continuous endeavour to improve efficiency in our processes so that we remain competitive, even in the long term."

Food safety and efficiency improvements

"We can strengthen both of these elements with this project," Vreugdenhil continues. "By working with a single integrated system we will be able to make significant efficiency improvements. However, a standard ERP system cannot provide the specific food characteristics we require such as quality controls and product specifications. Our product specifications must contain all the characteristics of our products, including for example the fat percentage, protein and total aerobic bacterial count. For these issues Schouw Informatisering has developed SI Foodware based on Dynamics NAV. We expect that this will simplify all aspects of food safety documentation for us meaning that we will be able to provide our customers with their own customer specific ingredient declarations. In other words, the continuity of our business
activities will be strengthened with this implementation."

Phased ERP project

Besides the implementation from Dynamics NAV and SI Foodware, we will also be introducing RF scanning, EDI and shop floor integration (MES integration). And aspects such as a scales interface, labelling and a customs interface are also part of the full scope of the project. The wide ranging project will encompass all four of our business locations, and we will be starting with the location at Gorinchem. This way we willbe able to keep the project manageable. 

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