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Sector know-how is brought together in ERP solution SI Foodware Fresh Produce

Special Fruit and Schouw Informatisering have worked together for over a decade to enable the importer of fruit and vegetables - and the producer of berries - to benefit optimally from the ERP solution dedicated to the fruit & vegetable market and known as SI Foodware Fresh Produce. This software solution was developed and is maintained by Schouw Informatisering's Food Community, within which the Fresh Produce User Association has an advisory role. Special Fruit is thereby one of the forces behind the development of SI Foodware Fresh Produce. Schouw wishes to ensure that by sharing knowledge and experience, its software is fully in line with day-to-day reality.  In this way, the appropriate cornerstones are in place to enable fruit & vegetable companies to hit the ground running. And this is exactly the objective that Schouw wishes to achieve with the Food Community: offering a platform upon which companies can share experience in the field of Food and IT.


Production registration on the production floor

Special Fruit has benefited in many ways by working with SI Foodware Fresh Produce.  It has become easier to oversee the administration and data is more readily available thanks to production registration on the production floor with the help of OC screens, according to Special Fruit's André Van den Broeck. "We have gained insight into product status and thereby more grip on impact per line. We can document our operational efficiency thanks to the screens. This enables the Production department to anticipate last minute adjustments in the sales process." 

RF scanning leads to logistical improvements

A string of logistical improvements has been made thanks to SI Foodware Fresh Produce, and adjustments from the Sales department can now be carried out at the last minute. "The picking process has become more efficient since we can now pick with the help of a scanner. Inventory levels are clearly indicated and the status of a picker's assignment can be tracked.  Assignments can be sent to the scanner, so human contact is not required to assign the job. The remarks function means a picker can be informed of the issues that are crucial to the orders he is working on," says Van den Broeck.

Issues identified quickly thanks to conflict dashboard

For Special Fruit, a key functionality of SI Foodware Fresh Produce is the conflict dashboard. This visualises issues as they arise so they can be timely addressed. Customer delivery problems can be mitigated and the appropriate quality and certification complied with. Special Fruit's Diederik Heuts gives a Production-related example: "If too many goods have already been consumed, it is immediately clear which orders will be impacted.  This also goes for commodity quality fluctuations as well as those with shipping delays. We can retrieve this information on the conflict dashboard and take action to reroute the allocation or reconsider the logistics flow."

Involved in the development of SI Foodware Fresh Produce

Special Fruit was and is intensely involved in the development of SI Foodware Fresh Produce thanks to the status as Schouw customer and participant in the Food Community. Automation plays an important role within the organisation. "For Special Fruit, it is essential that software optimally supports users in their operational processes and that no time is lost on unnecessary searches or superfluous tasks," according to Van den Broeck. Schouw Informatisering's SI Foodware Fresh Produce has laid the groundwork for the support of generic processes and automation takes over part of the job.

Lengthy cooperation between Special Fruit and Schouw

“The partnership between Special Fruit and Schouw has developed seamlessly over the years. "It was and is fine to cooperate with consultants familiar with our specific sector, and thereby able to understand the significant challenges confronting us." And as far as the future is concerned: "On the one hand, we are looking forward to another long and successful alliance similar to the partnership we have built over the last decade," says Diederik Heuts in conclusion. "On the other, we hope that SI Foodware Fresh Produce will continue to evolve in line with the requirements of our company."

Software system fundamental to the fruit & vegetable sector

SI Foodware Fresh Produce is a standard ERP software system and provides a fundamental platform for the fruit & vegetable sector. Schouw's SI Foodware Fresh Produce software solution supports and automates your spectrum of operational business processes, complemented by customer-specific adjustments if so desired.

Schouw and Special Fruit on the production floor
Special Fruit works with tablets on the productionfloor

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