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With three factories in the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy, SanoRice is the largest rice and corn cracker manufacturer in Europe.SanoRice aspires to become also the worldwide market leader in the category of private label manufacturers.The factories are managed centrally from the Holding in Veenendaal, the Netherlands.This is quite a task, because all sites work with different information systems.Not surprisingly, the central theme of the IT strategy that SanoRice Holding formulated in 2012 was the introduction of structure and consistency in the provision of information and processes.The objective of this strategy was the roll-out of one food-specific ERP application for all locations in the cloud, including a scan solution and a uniform BI reporting tool.

Food specific ERP solution as key element

"The first step was the selection of an appropriate ERP solution that was going to be the backbone for the other solutions at all locations", says Marco Netten, ICT Manager at SanoRice Holding. The choice for Microsoft Dynamics NAV was easy to make. Marco: "We had acquired experience with Dynamics NAV in the past and one location was already using Dynamics NAV. There were some important food-specific standard functionalities, however, that we found lacking. Furthermore, the performance of the solution and the ERP partner were not satisfactory. Consequently, the second step was the selection of a Dynamics NAV partner with a clear vision for the future and a dedicated food add-on for NAV. With SI Foodware, Schouw Informatisering complied with these criteria. The standardization of complex processes in SI Foodware and expertise of the consultants were particularly decisive."

Centralisation group solution in the cloud

The blueprint for the group solution based on Microsoft Dynamics and SI Foodware was first implemented at the factory of SanoRice in Belgium. Marco Netten: "All our production sites have the same processes more or less. The learning effects of the implementation in Belgium are taken into account in the next implementations, which makes the roll-out a lot easier and quicker."

The option to work centrally in the cloud has many advantages. Especially the centralisation of data and processes result in a clear company structure. We chose to host the solution in the cloud for practical reasons as well. On-site maintenance of servers that repeatedly fail is a thing from the past. Now that its cloud partner has taken over that part, SanoRice is no longer hampered by a fragmented ICT structure. Marco Netten: "This has been contracted out successfully to Multrix, a specialised company that offers hosted desktops and that manages our applications. It is very important, in my opinion, that things run smoothly in the different ICT areas. Furthermore, the ICT environment must be operational 24/5, the continuity of the environment is crucial to the operational process."

SanoRice uses BI-tool Qlikview to increase the transparency of the data that are centrally available. Eventually, this tool will replace all Excel reports. Marco Netten: "To make the appropriate Management KPI’s transparent at a professional level and distribute them on several devices was very important to us. We had already acquired positive experiences with Qlikview, which explains our choice."

Integrated scanning solution within Dynamics NAV

With the roll-out of the new solution, SanoRice wants to professionalise its internal processes, including its logistic processes. Before, SanoRice worked with printed lists for all logistic transactions, which was a laborious and error-sensitive procedure. Especially when the shifts changed, the transfer of logistic activities on paper was highly sensitive to errors.

By registering all logistic transactions by scanning them (incl. intercompany receipts), SanoRice has implemented an integrated scan solution. As a result, the entire shipping department has become 'paperless' and the processes are much quicker and error-free.

Marco Netten: The integration of scanning within NAV had high priority at SanoRice. Together with Schouw Informatisering and scanning partner SDT, we accomplished this at the production site in Belgium. The advantages are immediately noticeable. We have an enormous amount of warehouse movements on a daily basis. Thanks to the scanning solution, these movements can be handled very fast. Our employees are able to get more work done in a day, which allows us to grow without having to hire additional employees. Furthermore, the production output is registered properly and order picking according to the FIFO principle is always guaranteed. Above all, the stock figures are very reliable."

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