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Complete ERP system SI Foodware for Rik Holland


Since January 1, 2013 the company Rik Holland from Houten operates at full power with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This standard software package is complemented by implementation partner Schouw Informatisering with food-specific functionality in SI Foodware. Rik Holland is a marketing oriented distribution company that mainly imports foreign meat specialities for the Dutch market.

Rik Holland used to work with the software application Food 400, which was connected to an old DOS-version of Exact. When the development and support of these systems stopped, Rik Holland had to find a replacement. “Schouw Informatisering offered a good solution with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and SI Foodware" said Andre de Ket, Administrator at Rik Holland. The solution offered a complete package with both functionalities for the financial department as well as the warehouse, which was a plus for Rik Holland.

Role Tailored client in Microsoft Dynamics ERP

In addition to the company-wide integration, de Ket clearly saw an advantage in working with the new user interface of Microsoft Dynamics NAV: the Role Tailored Client (RTC). In RTCM role based thinking is the starting point. The function that a user has within an organization, such as sales manager, purchaser, controller or warehouse employee, is translated to a user role in the software. After login in the RTC client, the user sees only the tasks that are necessary to carry out his or her job. De Ket: “For experienced users of the old Dynamics NAV interface it might take some getting used to, but with the right set-up everyone gets to see exactly what is needed for his or her role. Nothing more, nothing less.”

Registration in SI Foodware Catch Weight

Like many companies from the food industry, Rik Holland copes with specific automation problems, that are typical for this industry. A specific problem particularly in the meat and fish industry, is the registration of products registered in dual units of measurement. This also applies to the products of Rik Holland. They have products that are purchased per box, but are sold per piece. They also have a challenge with KG-articles; these are ordered per pieces but are sold in weight. Functionality in SI Foodware ensures that this can be registered easily.

With the Dutch Retail as the most important sales market, Rik Holland copes with another apparent issue for companies from the food industry: Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Retailers want to order through EDI. To establish the connection between EDI messaging and Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Schouw Informatisering cooperates with Descartes (before IntercommIT). Together they have ensured that the customers of Rik Holland order through EDI.

Management information from Dynamics NAV

Before the start of the project Rik Holland had certain objectives in mind. In addition to the continuity of the software solution and integration with standard Microsoft Office functionality, it was very important for Rik Holland to get the right management information from the system to manage and control the company processes. Schouw Informatisering has implemented ExSion to support Rik Holland with this objective. ExSion is a tool that can be used to build customized reports in Excel. De Ket: “With my reports the management can exactly see which company processes are doing well and which ones need more attention.”microsoft dynamics nav vlees

Traceability in entire ERP system

Now, more than nine months after go-live, de Ket knows exactly what the advantages are of the new system for Rik Holland: “First of all the number of errors has been reduced to a minimum. In addition, the right set-up has ensured that processes on the work floor run smoothly. Also the reports make on-time adjustments possible. But the biggest advantage of a solution with financial as well as logistical functionalities is the possibility to zoom in on every aspect of the system. There is traceability within the entire system.”


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