Renewed ERP system ensures robust business operations at Prochamp

The growth and drive of Prochamp to continuously professionalise and standardise its business processes were the primary reason for the company to implement a new version of its ERP system. The desire to carry out the development and integration was already expressed in 2015.  Implementation of the new system was carried out in the first quarter of 2016. The newly-integrated ERP system is meanwhile fully operational for quite some time and the results are to everybody's satisfaction. This is a first-class performance by a dynamic company that sets stringent quality requirements and manages the entire production chain within its own company.

Traceability is essential

Enterprise Resource Planning: the support, measurement, registration and analysis of all processes within the production chain. From the nursery to the preserved mushrooms that leave the company en route to their buyers.  "An ERP solution that enables total traceability and in which data must be entered once and used hundreds of times," says Gerard van Heijst, Finance & Administration manager at Prochamp.

SI Foodware together with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Schouw Informatisering supports Prochamp in the start-up, implementation and further development of the ERP system. Microsoft Navision was selected as the cornerstone of the system, complemented by SI Foodware - developed by Schouw Informatisering for the food sector and fully in line with the specific wishes and requirements of Prochamp.

Inventory control and information charts

The range of information and data that the new ERP system generates means that management information is more comprehensive and of greater value than ever before.  The Prochamp sales force also has an extra tool at its disposal. For example, as part of its customer service, a range of information charts can be provided showing the status of products purchased. The system can show which mushrooms from which flight and from which nursery have been processed in a certain batch.

Optimal control

Quality improvement, standardisation of information and management of the entire process. These are pretty compelling statements whereby Prochamp can state unequivocally that it has the launch of the new ERP system totally under control.

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