NIVO Beverwijk

Working paperless at NIVO thanks to Microsoft Dynamics

In this video we talk to Dynamics user NIVO from Beverwijk. NIVO is an import and export company specialized in Asian food products. Their most important customers are based in China, Thailand and Indonesia. The company ships the goods to the Netherlands in containers and markets them here; 70% is sold in the Netherlands and the remaining 30% is delivered all over Europe, to specialist stores and wholesale businesses. As a growing SME business, NIVO realized they required a more professionally developed automation system. ‘We discovered that the foundation of our administration and automation was actually insufficiently stable to take the next step in our natural growth process, as our products were increasing in popularity’, according to Wim Jansen of NIVO.

Implementing Microsoft Dynamics was a careful process, managed by Wim Jansen: ‘It really was a gradual process, taking it one step at a time, first ensuring that our supply chain was in order: that we knew in real time how many products were at our warehouse, where in the building it was located and to which client it had to be shipped. Next, we worked on connecting the flow of money and flow of goods. The advantage of Microsoft Dynamics NAV is that these things are already automatically connected. The systems we were using before were inadequate for our purposes.’

Boost in efficiency in the warehouse

NIVO saw great advantages in also implementing Microsoft Dynamics on the shop floor. ‘We decided to simultaneously boost efficiency as well, by making the warehouse a paperless workplace. From the moment the order is being placed, it is immediately processed in an order pick assignment, scanned without paper and finalized.’

Have a handle on essential business issues

Thanks to this integral ERP rollout, NIVO has taken control of several essential business issues. ‘How can we achieve additional improved insight in what we do every day, and how can we optimize this? As you can see, based on products we can determine the performance, the results at the product level. We can also do this at customer level and batch level. This means we can take various cross-sections and can determine the yield of a certain article or activity both beforehand as well as after the fact.’

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