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Integrated ERP solution for bread specialist


Bakkerij 't Stoepje, part of Market Food Group (MFG) and Schouw Informatisering have signed a contract for the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics and the standard Food add-on, Foodware. The most important reason why Bakkerij ’t Stoepje has chosen Microsoft Dynamics and Schouw Informatisering is because this combination provides a single integrated solution and infrastructure. One solution in which all the business processes are integrated in one automated system, where sector specific issues such as quality controls, the administration of reusable packaging, EDI, forecasts per market and inventory administration of all raw materials including their shelf life are properly addressed.

Because all the processes are integrated in one system, Bakkerij ’t Stoepje expects to gain better insight into what is going on in the organisation, and its management will be supported with real time management information. In addition, Bakkerij ’t Stoepje expects to realise considerable efficiency improvements while this step will prepare the company for the future.

Complexity Bakkerij ’t Stoepje is well-known in the weekly market in many Dutch towns and for its franchise concept; everyone has seen the bright yellow bread-busses that supply shoppers at more than 900 markets with bread and confectionery. The success of this market formula means that the business administration has grown into a collection of unrelated software packages that hardly interface with each other. And in addition, due to the growth of the organisation, the internal business processes have also become rather complex. Just imagine the order system that our franchisees use to place their orders for all 900 markets. Each franchise holder makes a forecast for each market based on actual and historical data. They can notify us of changes by phone or text message up to two days before delivery. After all, a baker at the market works from his stand and he doesn’t have an office at his disposal. This clearly places great demands on the manufacturing and logistics capacities.

Easy ordering process with Dynamics ERP

The future In the future Bakkerij ’t Stoepje wants to make the ordering process for its franchise holders even easier so they can enter their orders using a PDA and the internet. ’t Stoepje is also considering opening its own shops and they are running a pilot with in-store bread and confectionary bakeries in supermarkets. Preparations are underway for the acquisition of a specialised confectionary and pastry bakery. All these plans and changes were the reason ’t Stoepje had been looking for a new application to fully support all the requirements, now and in the future. The first major advantage, besides gaining in-depth management information, should be a great improvement in efficiency. The new system will help streamline the business processes and the users will be able to work more quickly and more accurately compared to the current systems.

From village bakery to Holland’s largest market stall holder Bakkerij ’t Stoepje originated as a small village bakery in Spakenburg. The owner’s hard work and clear vision have enabled the company to grow into a successful business that uses the well-known franchise concept with the yellow bread-busses to supply bread and confectionery at more than 900 markets in the Netherlands. Bakkerij ’t Stoepje is part of the Market Food Group BV. Market Food Group works with a number of formulas for markets, but Bakkerij ’t Stoepje is by far the largest formula they manage. And because Bakkerij ’t Stoepje is a professional bakery and only uses the best ingredients it has become a household name. The tasty bread, butter biscuits, delicious cake, giant current buns, traditional Dutch specialities such as almond filled biscuits and other cakes and biscuits are warmly welcomed at every market.

Application Dynamics NAV worldwide

Bakkerij ’t Stoepje has chosen Dynamics because this application has proven itself worldwide and because it continues to be invested in and developed. There were two main reasons for selecting Schouw Informatisering; firstly for its extensive experience in implementing systems at bread & confectionery companies; and secondly because Schouw has enriched Microsoft Dynamics with its standard Food add-on, Foodware. This means that there is an ideal fit with the objectives and business processes at Bakkerij ’t Stoepje. Schouw Informatisering is the largest Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in the food and beverage industry in the Netherlands. The starting point for each project is always the vision and objectives that a client wishes to realise. At Schouw, we consider IT as a means to achieve improvements in the business processes so that our clients can distinguish themselves and gain competitive advantage. For further information please visit

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