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Optimization of hectic chain at fresh daily produce Prins & Dingemanse

Koninklijke Prins & Dingemanse is a shellfish specialist, from cultivation to delivery.The time between the harvesting and delivery is extremely short.That is why proper coordination between order intake, production planning and logistics is of essential importance. To optimize the hectic chain of this fresh daily produce, Prins & Dingemanse uses the Microsoft Dynamics® NAV ERP package in combination with SI Foodware®.

Faster order intake with SI Foodware

Apart from their well-known mussel and oyster products, Prins & Dingemanse also manufactures private label products. Prins & Dingemanse receives part of its orders by phone. The sales staff uses automatic calling lists in SI Foodware, presenting the customer with suggestions for orders based on historic sales. This contributes to a faster order intake. Through EDI, the other orders from retailers are automatically received in SI Foodware.

Production based on sales forecast

Because of the short time between the receipt of the order and delivery, Prins & Dingemanse has to start production based on a sales forecast. This forecast is calculated by SI Foodware based on history, providing insight into the historic and future transactions with the different retailers. Differences between the actual orders and the sales forecast occur on a daily basis. SI Foodware immediately visualizes these differences, as a result of which a timely and complete delivery can be guaranteed.

Efficient production line

Based on the sales forecast, production orders can be created directly; any changes due to orders from customers can be incorporated in the production orders. Based on these production orders, the production planner, through a conveniently arranged display, can assign the production orders to one of the packing lines. The system informs the production planner of important planning details in this process, so that the occupation of a line can be organized as efficiently as possible. Finally, at the production line, the production workers can monitor and register the execution of the production orders through the Operations Control menu.

Generate SSCC labels and packing slip

After completion of the production order, SSCC labels and a packing slip for the customer are generated. Subsequently, the shipment is loaded into one of Prins & Dingemanse's own trucks or a truck of an external service provider. This way, only a few hours after an order has been placed, the truck with the end product is ready to leave.


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