Kompany's processes run more efficiently owing to its choice for Thysia's portals


‘A modern platform for communicating with growers and customers’

Kompany, a collaborative venture of 36 cucumber growers, is Europe's largest cucumber cultivation and sales organisation. Due to the large number of growers and customers, Kompany's daily data traffic is enormous. In order to make this traffic run simply, speedily, reliably and in a structured manner, Kompany put a new growers portal based on Microsoft Sharepoint into operation in 2014. This user-friendly application has been seamlessly integrated at Kompany with the ERP solution SI Foodware Fresh Produce from Schouw Informatisering. All data entered by customers and suppliers are processed directly in this solution based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Survey of the supply

‘Due to the introduction of the portal, we save a great deal of time, communicate more smoothly and process orders more rapidly', says Silvia Janssen-Voorbij of Kompany.The growers portal enables us to chart the supply efficiently and keep it up-to-date. At this Sharepoint portal, built by Thysia, growers submit their weekly and daily forecasts, detailing how many cucumbers of what class they expect to supply in that week or on that day. When the cucumbers have been picked and packed, the growers create a supply letter at the portal, following which the shipping documents are available. By means of pooled payments, all shipments sold are included in the calculation of the payout price at the end of the week.

Planning for and by customers on Dynamics portal

By means of its customer’s portal, Kompany offers its customers the option to plan their purchases each day. Silvia Janssen-Voorbij: ‘It was our wish to create one central point for the communication with our customers, where they could view and plan their purchase orders etc. With help from Thysia we have now built a customer’s portal where this is possible.’ Kompany's customers are able to carry out their logistic planning here themselves, by splitting sales orders and indicating collection times. On the basis of the planning entered by the customers, Kompany's logistics staff see to it that the products are ready in time for shipment. ‘As a result, the process of surveying the supply of products and the planning and shipment process carried out for and by customers run far more efficiently,' says Silvia Janssen-Voorbij.

The combination of Sharepoint and food knowledge

Kompany was introduced to Thysia through ERP partner Schouw Informatisering. This Fruit and Vegetables specialist frequently cooperates with Thysia in order to offer its customers overall solutions. The specific knowledge acquired by Thysia in these projects played a crucial role in Kompany's choice of portal. ‘More and more food customers decide in favour of our Sharepoint portals’, Thysia manager Kristian de Lange explains. Customers have ever increasing wishes and make more demands. We have extensive experience with wholesalers in the food industry and that is why we know exactly what requirements the portals must meet.’

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