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Integrated standard ERP package SI Foodware for Glasbest


Glasbest specializes in developing, creating and bottling tasty food products in glass. Many of their items are private label products for the retail industry. In addition, the company is marketing some successful brand concepts such as Amelander or Jean Baton. And finally, the company is active as a co-packer and co-maker for other packing companies. Being a SMB company with growth ambitions, it is very important to continuously improve business processes in order to become more professional. The added value of an ERP system is crucial here according to CEO Robin Heetkamp.

Robin heetkamp: "Our company is growing. The number of customers is growing fast. The number of items is growing fast, as are the number of packing materials and raw materials. These are quantities that we cannot manage with Excel anymore, so that’s why we need ERP. In addition to that, we are doing business with the large retailers in the Netherlands. They are requesting professionalism. As such, ERP is important for us."

By using ERP-software, all business processes, including inventory and production management, as well business administration and logistics, are connected to each other. For example, the ERP-system will automatically make the connection from registered sales orders to purchase requirements as well as automated staff planning.

As there are quite some ERP-systems available on the market, Glasbest has dictated itself some very clear guidelines for the software selection process:

Robin heetkamp: "Clearly map what you actually want to automate. And do not take customization for granted. Customization is complex and as long as you can adapt your business processes to the system, that is way easier than adapting the system to match your business processes."

After a thorough analysis, Glasbest has selected the food-specific ERP-solution of Schouw Informatisering, SI Foodware. The references that this food specialist could provide were crucial for this decision.

Robin heetkamp: "All providers promise you that everything is possible during the selection phase. So, in the end, I called some entrepreneurs I know, that also implemented ERP. A number of them had selected Schouw. And they were very satisfied, which made my decision much easier to make."

Due to the flat organization, the support from Schouw and an active role from enthusiastic key-users, Glasbest has finished a good deployment. Right now, they are live with a base solution and have the ability to activate additional Foodware modules in the future.

Robin heetkamp: "The primary process is automated pretty well at the moment. All functionality is properly present in the system and it all works. Right now, we are looking at product specifications. Specification management. Allowing us to enter all that information into the same single system. Making that process a whole lot easier for the future as well."

Together with SI Foodware, Glasbest will continue to grow and become more professional.

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