Elvee improves logistics and administration with SI Foodware


Sweet producer Elvee Holland in Werkendam, the Netherlands, has chosen to implement Microsoft DynamicsTM NAV in combination with SI Foodware® to further streamline its logistics and administrative business processes. The most important long-term objective is to realise a stable, standard solution which is flexible and can grow as the company expands, and that can adapt to changes in legislation and changing customer requirements. And there are certainly improvements to be made in the inventory and purchasing aspects of the business.

The new system will provide in-depth insight about what should be purchased and in what volumes. Elvee will also get a better grip on inventory levels meaning that it will be easier to monitor the shelf life of goods and so keeping waste to a minimum. Elvee will have more control on forecasting which may also mean that inventory levels can be lower. By combining Dynamics NAV with SI Foodware, Schouw Informatisering will be able to meet Elvee's wishes to implement as much standard software as possible.

Dynamics NAV information system supports professional image

Elvee Holland has two business units, Elvee Kerstpakketten, that develops food product concepts for the gift and Christmas hamper market, and Elvee Holland that concentrates on chocolate and sweets. These sweets and chocolate products are marketed through Dutch and European retailers. Elvee employs 27 people whose daily business is to develop and market innovative and high-quality products and product concepts. The products are manufactured and packaged according to the strict requirements set by BRC and HACCP. Elvee produces and packages own brand products and branded products for retailers. Elvee was established in 1994 and is proud of the results it has achieved to date. Elvee wants to distinguish itself by serving its clients with original ideas, innovative products, prompt deliveries and an ideal level of service. The Dynamics NAV information system should support Elvee Holland's professional image. Using Schouw Informatisering's SI Foodware, Elvee's distinguishing characteristics can be strengthened.

Savings in time and costs with ERP

In choosing Dynamics NAV, Elvee will be bringing in a stable solution to optimally streamline the administrative processes and to provide extensive support for the logistics processes. Besides the advantages mentioned earlier, such as limiting waste and minimising the inventory, Elvee expects to also benefit from savings in time because it will no longer be necessary to carry out transactions twice and the number of mistakes will be reduced too. This is possible because Dynamics NAV in combination with SI Foodware is a fully integrated solution. And because of this, Elvee also expects a considerable improvement in management information which means that business decisions will be based on accurate information and can be taken more quickly.

SI Foodware standard sector specific solution

To guarantee a smooth implementation of Dynamics NAV and SI Foodware, Schouw Informatisering will carry out the implementation in phases. The starting point for the implementation is that as much standard software as possible will be used. SI Foodware is Schouw Informatisering's standard sector specific solution that has been specially developed for the Food & Beverage industry. Schouw Informatisering has been active in software for this sector since 1998 and has incorporated its wealth of experience and best practices in SI Foodware. By combining Dynamics NAV with SI Foodware, Schouw has created an ideal sector specific, standard solution for production and distribution companies in the food and beverage industry. SI Foodware is seamlessly integrated with Dynamics NAV and is continually being adapted to follow the trends and developments in the food and beverage industry. The business software at Elvee will run on hardware supplied by Building IT in Boxmeer, the Netherlands. Building IT is specialised in networks and connectivity in complex (industrial) environments. For further information please visit www.elveeholland.nl.

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