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No dupplication of effort anymore thanks to SI Foodware Fresh Produce


'The more we can automate our processes, the better'

E.F.P. International B.V., based in Poeldijk, is a true family business trading in vegetables, fruit and exotic products. What makes it stand out from its competitors is its air freight service to the Middle East, which accounts for approximately 60% of its exports. E.F.P. was one of the first to offer such a service at the start of the 1980s. The company has since seen significant change and growth, with branches in Poeldijk, Perpignan and Groningen. In order to ensure optimum alignment between business processes, the company selected the ERP solution offered by Schouw Informatisering. In April 2015, E.F.P. launched SI Foodware Fresh Produce, which is based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015.

E.F.P. has been working with Microsoft Dynamics NAV since 2000. However, their previous supplier was not longer able to meet the company's requirements. The company needed a supplier who was familiar with its trading activities, in order to prevent the company from having to start from scratch each time. For this reason, E.F.P. selected Schouw Informatisering in 2013. 'Another aspect is the impression you gather from people. E.F.P. must be able to rely on the work delivered by Schouw. And they struck the right chord', remarks Ferry van der Leek, General Manager at E.F.P. International B.V.

Reducing the error rate with Fresh Produce software

Following a preparatory phase, E.F.P. launched Dynamics NAV 2015 combined with SI Foodware Fresh Produce in April and a great deal has changed since the go-live. From purchasing to sales and administration to quality, all processes have now been integrated seamlessly. Duplication of effort is a thing of the past as all information now only needs to be entered once. In addition, the ability to extract management information from the system has generated a lot of opportunities for E.F.P. Ferry van der Leek comments: 'Previously, we never had a proper overview of this information. Good-quality management information enables you to make further improvements to your operations and reduce the error rate. This all contributes to a better result.'

Safeguard traceability in Dynamics and SI Foodware Fresh Produce

'Our aim is healthy growth and so far, we have met our growth targets each year. Naturally, we want to continue this and that will lead to an increase in personnel as well as our expectations of the system. In the meantime, we have completed the first phase. We have introduced lot numbers in order to safeguard traceability. When this has become properly embedded in our way of working, we may consider switching to RF scanning to reduce the number of errors even further. The more we can automate our processes, the better. The benefit of Dynamics NAV combined with SI Foodware Fresh Produce is already significant for us, but I think there is potential for this to increase a great deal further still', concludes Ferry van der Leek.

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