About Schouw Informatisering from Aptean

We'll help you on your way. With our know-how and intelligent software solutions for food and IT. We are the specialists in our line of business, driven by an insatiable desire to succeed. Aptean Food & Beverage ERP Foodware 365 Edition, our software solution, was born from our passion for both technology and the food industry. Not simply business software for food companies, but a completely innovative software platform that shares the latest technological innovations with everyone. Everything we do generates data - and you too can benefit from that! We can help you develop the right recipe to make your food company successful.

Food Community

With the Food Community, we do more than share. We develop knowledge and technology, making us, as participants of the Food Community, stronger together. We have the possibility to take on shared problems. Participants have an advisory role in the development of Aptean Food & Beverage ERP Foodware 365 Edition and the services of Schouw Informatisering from Aptean. We, as Schouw, have an active role for timely identification of new needed knowledge, as well as technology. This is how we further develop our software, together.

Close cooperation with our customers and partners

Our clients are food organisations with a clear vision for the future. They expect us to be a partner that contributes to the realisation of their vision, and grows along with their market. Jointly building a close relationship for the longer term. A partnership in which reliability, quality and development take centre stage with regard to the solution offered. With Microsoft as our loyal partner for the Dynamics 365 platform, we can guarantee the latest technological innovations are within the reach of all our clients.

Schouw Informatisering from Aptean

Schouw Informatisering from Aptean was founded in 1998 by John Schouw. In November 2019, Schouw was acquired from Aptean, a global provider of mission-critical enterprise software solutions. With this, Schouw strengthens leading position in the local market.

The management of Schouw, Serge Breugelmans (COO) and Peter van den Maagdenberg (CFO), will continue to shape the local management as site leaders, Serge in his new role as Senior Director Global Shared Services and Peter as Senior Director Finance.

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